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Ixo, 1:43 Jordan 1991 Michael Schumacher Belgian Grand Prix

Ixo, 1:43 Jordan 1991 Michael Schumacher Belgian Grand Prix

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We present the 1:43 scale model of the Jordan 191 car, driven by Michael Schumacher during the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix. This piece represents an important milestone in the career of both the German driver and the Jordan Grand Prix team.

The Jordan 191 was the first Formula 1 car designed by Jordan Grand Prix, a relatively new team at the time. Designed by Gary Anderson, the car featured an innovative, streamlined design with a distinctive, bold appearance. It was a competitive car from the start, and Schumacher drove it to impressive results during its debut season in Formula 1.

The 1991 Belgian Grand Prix, held at the iconic Spa-Francorchamps circuit, was a pivotal moment in the history of driver Michael Schumacher. At just 22 years old, Schumacher showed all his talent by qualifying in seventh place with the Jordan 191, beating more experienced drivers. During the race, he struggled hard in wet conditions and displayed his exceptional skills on wet tracks, moving up to second before crashing.

Although the incident ended the race prematurely for Schumacher, his impressive performance caught the attention of Formula 1's top teams. That performance was crucial to the development of Schumacher's career, who would later become one of the greatest drivers of all time. .

This 1:43 scale replica of the Jordan 191 from the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix, driven by Michael Schumacher, is an opportunity for Formula 1 enthusiasts and collectors alike to relive that historic moment. The high-quality, detailed model faithfully captures the aesthetic and technical aspects of the original car, as well as Schumacher's talent and determination behind the wheel. It is a collector's piece that represents a significant chapter in the history of Formula 1 and in the legacy of legendary driver Michael Schumacher.

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