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Salvat, 1987 Williams FW11B #6 Nelson Piquet

Salvat, 1987 Williams FW11B #6 Nelson Piquet

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Introducing the incredible 1:43 scale model of the iconic Formula 1 car, the Salvat 1987 Williams FW11B #6 Nelson Piquet. This collection piece is a faithful representation of the car that marked the history of motorsport.

Car History: The 1987 Williams FW11B was one of the most impressive cars ever built by the Williams team in Formula 1. Designed by Patrick Head and Adrian Newey, this car was an evolution of the 1986 FW11, which had already been very competitive. With the FW11B, the Williams team dominated the 1987 world championship.

The FW11B was powered by a Honda V6 turbo engine, which provided impressive power. It featured a revolutionary aerodynamic design for the time, with sleek bodywork and efficient front and rear wings. These innovations allowed the FW11B to reach incredible speeds on the straights and maintain exceptional grip when cornering.

Driver's History: Nelson Piquet, one of the greatest Brazilian drivers of all time, was the driver responsible for driving the FW11B #6 in 1987. Piquet had already won two Formula 1 world championships in 1981 and 1983, both with the Brabham team .

In 1986, Nelson Piquet joined the Williams team and, together with the FW11B, showed his talent and ability on the tracks. He competed brilliantly alongside his teammate, Nigel Mansell. Piquet managed to achieve three victories in the 1987 season and, with his consistent performance, secured the third world title of his career, becoming the first driver to reach that mark in the history of Formula 1.

The Salvat 1987 Williams FW11B model #6 Nelson Piquet is a tribute to this incredibly successful season for the Brazilian driver and the Williams team. This collector's piece is a perfect way to celebrate the history of Formula 1 and relive the excitement of those golden years of motorsport.

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